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Join the Mom Knows College Community for personalized coaching, a custom plan to get rid of overwhelm and to know for sure that your teen's on exactly the right path for success after high school.

Let's just face it...

There are LOTS of things to know if your teen's college-bound:

  •  How to find the right colleges that are a great fit.
  •   What to do each high school year to shine on applications.
  •  Which standardized tests to take, and when to take them.
  •  How to organize timelines for college admissions.
  •  How to apply for financial aid and scholarships.

How do you know what to do, and when?


Mom Knows College is not just a place to gather information and download tools for college planning. It's a community of moms from across the country who are working toward planning for college with their own teens. 

You can ask me, a college planning expert, about anything, at any time! 

And, in fact, I'm going through the process right alongside you with my own college-bound teenagers. I promise to give you some much-needed guidance.

No more feeling lost. No more going it alone. 

Join us!

Let me help you plan & get through each step, stress-free.

I'm Lea - a college planning expert.  

When my own mother and I started my own college planning path (a loooong time ago!), we truly had no idea what was needed for me to get there.  

The guidance counselor was too busy with hundreds of other kids. We had no idea what steps to take, no understanding about the courses I should take in high school to be set up for success later on, or how to even go about applying to colleges.  

We were paralyzed, not knowing what to do.  

I eventually got myself on the right track, applied for college and attended at a place that was the right fit for me, but not until after a serious struggle and after a lot of time passed.  

Through no fault of her own, my mom wasn't able to support me in getting to the next level, and to this day she feels so much guilt for that. No one in my family attended college before - she just had no idea what to do. 

And that's really why I'm here...because I believe no mom should ever feel that way.  

Mom Knows College was built to share, to give you all of the information I've learned over time as a college planning coach. I've helped hundreds of families during this process, and I look forward to helping you do the same.  

And in fact, I'm going through the entire process right now with my own teenage daughters! It's an exciting time, with lots to do. 

Let's get your teenager on the right track together!

Get ongoing, personalized, expert support for college planning for your teenager.



  • Direct access to me - your personal college planning coach.  

You'll be able to ask me questions directly so that I can personally help you and your teen get on track for college admissions. It's all customized to where you're starting with things!

And BONUS: If you sign on as an annual member, we'll schedule a one-on-one strategy session via phone to dive into exactly where you are with college planning now, what your teenager’s timeline should look like going forward and how to take next steps to get to your goal. 

  • A private online community with like-minded moms.

You'll have access to a great community of moms who are all going through the planning (and parenting!) joys and challenges right alongside you. And this is where I'll answer all of the questions you have about your own teen's journey through high school and give reminders and updates about the entire process, from A to Z.

  • Exclusive organizational tools, trainings, downloads & resources. 

College planning isn't intuitive! You'll have access to roadmaps and checklists to understand what needs to be done during the high school years, and how to take those steps.

You'll get your hands on my ebooks, video trainings and other guides to explain what each step of the college planning process entails.

And you know that organizing all of this stuff will be essential. I'll be sure you've got the right tools - including printables, checklists, planners and spreadsheets - to use every step of the way.


We were overwhelmed by how planning for college had changed over the years. So much so that we didn’t really even know where to start with our son! Lea helped us narrow down to a list of colleges that were a great fit for him, helped us to plan his SAT exams and make sure his activities were lined up with what he’s passionate about. She helped us to understand financial aid and where to find scholarships. She was a great guide when it was time to complete college applications. He’s now been accepted to two of the schools on his list and we’re just waiting on more acceptances to start rolling in! 

I recommend working with Lea to anyone with high school students who are planning to attend college. In hindsight, I’d have started working with her when my son was a freshman!  

- Autumn Freeland, Mom Knows College Parent

Lea is an incredibly helpful resource in the Mom Knows College Community. I have been able to relax, breathe and actually enjoy this moment of watching my son move forward. I can confidently guide and give meaningful suggestions when he is looking for his next step. 

It is now my son's senior year. His applications are completed and submitted to all the colleges in which he is interested. Such a great feeling! And he is looking and applying for scholarships. 

Thank you Lea for making my mom life easier to be a resource to my son, not a nag! Looking forward to the process with my younger two kids!

- Erin Ryser, Mom Knows College Parent

I know it's easy to feel like you can put this off a little longer, but don't wait until it's too late. Too many parents think they have plenty of time, when they really should be starting to plan early on in high school.

You're getting this, right?

Get ongoing, personalized expert support for college planning for your teenager.


With your membership, you'll receive help with:

  • Developing a college planning timeline, specific to your teen's unique path
  • Determining which colleges are the best personal fit for your teen
  • Planning for the SAT, ACT and SAT Subject Test exams
  • Understanding what's necessary for submitting college applications
  • Showing your teen's best self to college admissions committees
  • Knowing how to write effective college application essays
  • Understanding how to find scholarships and apply for financial aid


My teen has a guidance counselor at school. Isn't it their job to help us plan for college?

In a perfect world, that would be true. 

The counselor is a valuable resource, especially with reviewing transcripts, helping choose appropriate courses for graduation, sending colleges the official school report, and writing recommendation letters.

But guidance counselors are each responsible for an average of 482 students in U.S. high schools, leaving little time to do more than ensure students are taking the courses that will allow them to graduate.

And get this: Public school students receive an average of only 38 minutes of college admissions advice from their guidance counselors—a tiny percentage of the time needed to navigate a process that is challenging for even the most highly educated families. 

Is spending money on college support really worth it?

With all there is to know about the college admissions process nowadays, most parents are going into it blind - even if they'd gone to college themselves. 

There are so many things to know about choosing the right college, doing the right things during high school and understanding how teens should position themselves so they have the best chances for success. 

And none of that is intuitive. That's what you'll learn with Mom Knows College.

Considering that you can expect to pay a personal educational consultant an average of $4,000 to help your teen through the college planning process, being a Mom Knows College member makes absolute sense!

Can I succeed in the college planning and admissions process on my own?

Yes, but it'll require discipline, organization, and extensive research to get through this complex process with your teen on your own.

Receiving expert guidance, developing a plan and getting questions answered any time you need it will absolutely relieve the stress you'll undoubtedly feel. Not to mention the valuable time you'll save.

I have more than one high schooler going through the college admissions process. Can I get advice about both of their paths?

You bet, and for the same low membership rate. It can be even more daunting trying to get more than just one teen through this stage.

In fact, I have two teenage daughters on this journey, too. It's been a great experience in planning for each of them in very different ways to be sure their individual needs are met!


As her colleague in the college planning world, I know that Lea is an educator by nature. She has a knack for helping others and making complicated processes seem easy to understand. And searching for the right college fit is a tough process to navigate! 

Lea has helped hundreds of families understand and take action with college planning. She's the perfect guide for any student and parent starting the application process.  

- Jill DePamphilis, National Director at StudyPoint & PrepNow, Inc.


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