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Have you promised yourself that you'd sit down with your teenager to really start digging into the college conversation, or do a little online research to figure out the steps you need to take... only to find that, if you’re being honest, you’re procrastinating because you are completely and totally lacking direction?


Maybe you’re getting conflicting advice from your well-meaning friends about the process.  

Or you’ve tried talking with the school guidance counselor, but the support you’re getting is :ahem: a bit less robust than you were hoping for, and you don’t know where to go from here.  

There are things you know that you COULD do, but you have no idea (or confidence in) what you SHOULD do.  


Let's just face it...

There are LOTS of things to know if your teen's college-bound:

  • What your teen should do each high school year to shine on applications.
  • How to find the right colleges that are a great fit.
  • Which standardized tests to take, and when to take them.
  • How to organize timelines for college admissions.
  • How to apply for financial aid and scholarships.

Let me help you plan & get through each step, stress-free.

I'm Lea - a college planning expert.  

I've worked in the education industry for almost 2 decades and have helped hundreds of families through each and every step of the college planning process.  

I've developed tools, resources and trainings to make the experience much less daunting for moms and teens.

To better share my knowledge and extend my reach to help the most families I possibly can, the MKC Membership Community was born.  

Because ... you kinda need a roadmap for this stuff.  

Join me in the MKC Community! >>



  • Direct access to me - your personal college planning coach.  

If you sign on as an annual member, we'll schedule a one-on-one strategy session to dive into exactly where you are with college planning now, what your teenager’s timeline should look like going forward and how to take next steps to get to your goal. 

  • A private online community with like-minded moms.

You'll have access to a great community of moms who are all going through the planning (and parenting!) joys and challenges right alongside you. And this is where I'll answer all of the questions you have about your own teen's journey through high school and give reminders and updates about the entire process, from A to Z.

  • Exclusive organizational tools, trainings, downloads & resources. 

College planning isn't intuitive! You'll have access to roadmaps and checklists to understand what needs to be done during the high school years, and how to take those steps.

You'll get your hands on my ebooks, video trainings and other guides to explain what each step of the college planning process entails.

And you know that organizing all of this stuff will be essential. I'll be sure you've got the right tools - including printables, checklists, planners and spreadsheets - to use every step of the way.


With your membership, you'll receive help with:

  • Developing a college planning timeline, specific to your teen's unique path
  • Determining which colleges are the best personal fit
  • Planning the SAT, ACT and SAT Subject Test exams
  • Understanding what's necessary for submitting college applications
  • Showing your teen's best self to college admissions committees
  • Knowing how to write effective college application essays
  • Understanding how to find scholarships and apply for financial aid


As her colleague in the college planning world, I know that Lea is an educator by nature. She has a knack for helping others and making complicated processes seem easy to understand. And searching for the right college fit is a tough process to navigate! Lea has helped hundreds of families understand and take action with college planning. She's the perfect guide for any student and parent starting the application process. - Jill DePamphilis, National Director at StudyPoint, Inc.


Consider this: You can expect to pay a personal educational consultant an average of $4,000 to help your high schooler through the college planning process. (Ouch!)

I’m offering you the opportunity to join me and 14 other moms in a private community with direct access to my personal coaching and to valuable college planning trainings and materials for just $19/month or $199/year!  

Since the Community is starting in “beta mode,” I’m limiting this offer only to the first 15 members (for the life of their membership!).  

You’re invited to join this first group of moms to participate as a tester. 

Your experience within the Community will help me to continue to develop exactly what you and other moms need most to support you with the entire process! 


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